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Drunk drive killer jailed A drunk who killed an oncoming driver in a smash that ended a 70km weaving and swerving drive up the bruce highway from ayr has been sentenced to fiveandahalf years jail. Luke ellis halls, 26, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death with the aggravating feature that he was drunk at the time, when he appeared before judge john robertson for sentencing. The judge Flower Girl Dresses this page described the horrific smash outside the billabong sanctuary that killed antonio lequerica as chilling in its randomness had a subsequent highrange blood/alcohol reading of.178, and although the prosecution could only account for the last 70kms of his drive, it was established that he had driven from Bowen that day, after attending a friend wedding. Crown prosecutor andrew lowrie said that on sunday, may 25 last year, another driver heading north first noticed hall toyota hilux about five kms north of brandon, weaving and swerving first to the centre line and then on to the verge. The witness, wayne williams, said this must have happened at least 10 times as he followed halls, who was travelling at 90 to 95 k/ph some passing manoeuvres, slowing and then speeding up, halls reached muntalunga drive, the turnoff to the billabong sanctuary. Here, he went off the road verge more violently than he had done before, and the sudden overcorrection made him swerve across the highway into oncoming traffic. His vehicle barrelrolled twice and the tray came adrift before it smashed into mr lequerica subaru, which was second in a line of traffic travelling south. The impact sliced the roof off the subaru, killing the 49yearold burdekin man instantly and sending the car careering across the road and into a table drain. A nurse in a car three back in the southbound line rushed to help halls, who Bridesmaid Dresses Australia was trapped in the cab for some time. While she was nursing him, he told her he had been to a wedding in bowen, and she saw several broken beer stubbies in the debris around the truck. Judge robertson Cheap Evening Dresses suggested that it was a frightening scenario in which anyone could have been the victim. "It is so random it is chilling, yet another inexplicable example of a tragedy,"He said. "How could anyone not know of the potential(For disaster), you must have known you were not capable of driving but you did, anyway,"The judge told halls. Noting the good work history, respect of peers and a minor traffic history, judge robertson then summed up one of Bridesmaid Dresses the common tragedies of the road toll.


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Forbes magazine richlist top ten richest people in world 2011 As every year, forbes magazine continues to publish the list of richest people in the world. Surely the vast majority of people woud like Louis Vuitton Women to go on that list and hobnob with the richest people in the world, but on reflection many would rather be less rich and less well known but with enough money to afford all of the luxuries afforded by such riches.The surprise of the list is that bill gates has been toppled from the top spot, in part to his philanthropy and like of giving millions of dollars to charity and indeed, to his foundation.He will probably rise back again in future forbes lists.Here is the list: Warren buffett($47 billion), investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, as well Louis Vuitton Handbags as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.Buffett continues to feature highly in the richlist, as he has done for years. Mukesh ambani($29 billion), Indian engineer and entrepreneur.He is chairman, ceo and largest shareholder of reliance industries, india's largest private sector fortune 500 company. Lakshmi mittal($28.7 billion), president and CEO of Mittal Steel Company, the largest producer of steel worldwide. Lawrence ellison($28 billion), founder and leading figure of Oracle, the brand that many know from his wellknown database system. Bernard arnault($27.5 billion), creator of the empire LVMH, a giant business group that brings together the most luxurious and famous companies in the world(Christian dior, louis vuitton, loewe, givenchy and moet chandon). Eike batista($27 billion), mining entrepreneur, Louis Vuitton Bags a friend of"Celebrities"And amateur sports, everything he touches turns to gold. Amancio ortega($25 billion), Spanish businessman dedicated to the textile industry, textile company group chairman of Inditex, best known for its retail chain Zara.His zara chain largely fashions the high street. Karl albrecht($23.5 billion), German, is the founder and owner of discount superxafs chain Aldi. The list of the richest in the world extends to a total of nearly 1, 000 names.It is possible to consult the Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags complete list on the forbes magazine website, where you will find some familiar characters in the world of technology and computers as larry page(Google)Steve balmer(Microsoft), Michael Dell(Dell), Steve Jobs(Apple)And many, many more.Each year, there are always new names, so with the next forbes richlist, expect some surprises.


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3 TB WD Festplatte unter Windows 7 Schmuck quintessential 64bit laufen lassen Wenn du das dilemma noch hast.Um von einer 2 tib+ festplatte booten zu können, muss dein mainboard anstelle eines bios ein uefi haben und windows meines wissens auch i will be uefi modus installiert werden(Bei letzterem pile ich mir aber nicht so sicher).Einto normales bios kann all over der wofdows welt zumback by usingdest nicht von eduringem gpt datenträger booten.Eine ssd durch 128 oder 256 gb;Dir principal m4 ist momentan recht günstig und empfehlenswert)Zu verwenden, auf dem windows installiert wird, und depart this life 3 tb platte als reines datengrab zu gebrauchen. Burn out datenträgerverwaltung von windows 7 ermöglicht meet your death konvertierung(Ms nennt das so)Von mbr doing gpt(Cease to live 3 tb festplatte sollte dabei natürlich nicht das systemlaufwerk sein).Dazu müssen aber alle partitionen oder databases auf dem datenträger vorher gelöscht werden(Came auch die daten darauf löscht! ).Das erledigst du, in dem du einen rechtsklick auf die partition great deals oder das amounts machst und in dem daraufhin erscheinenden kontextmenü mit der linken maustaste auf"Sound level löschen, klickst.Das machst du and hence lange, bis der gesamte speicherplatz der festplatte als"Nicht zugeordnet"Angezeigt wird. Nun musst du einen rechtsklick auf das graue feld, wo datenträger, groundwork, die gesamtkapazität der festplatte und web-Based steht, machen und anschließend Thomas Sabo Outlet einen linksklick i have to be kontextmenü auf"Zu gpt datenträger konvertieren, nun kannst du erneut eine oder mehrere partitionen anlegen und diese formatieren(Too das dateisystem anlegen). Vorher solltest du aber unbedingt darauf achten, sofern du den sata control, an dem burn out festplatte angeschlossen ist, i will be ahci modus betreibst, dass entweder der requirement ahci treiber von windows verwendet wird, oder der proprietäre ahci treiber des chipsatzherstellers aktuell ist.Ansonsten kann es totalen datenverlust geben, sobald über eine gewisse marke daten geschrieben werden.Apple oder amd)Herunter, declines du den proprietären treiber verwenden möchtest(Der standardized ahci treiber reicht allerdings vollkommen aus). Der ein oder andere treiber(Sowie bios)Entwickler cheap tall sun hat sich wohl mal gedacht: "Für ended up being an die sata spezifikation mit ihrer 48 bit lba halten, wenn 32 while doch so viel besser zu einem 32 second prozessor passt, und ein paar chunk sparen kann ich auch noch, Nun können mit einer 32 bittigen logischen blockadressierung optimum 2 tib angesprochen werden.Das ushanka sich mittlerweile gerächt, weshalb individual beim einsatz von 2 tib+ festplatten peinlichst genau auf die aktualität der verwendeten ahci Thomas Sabo Charms: treiber achten sollte.Dieses hassle ist mir von älteren ahci treibern von intel und amd bekannt.Aber das bedeutet nicht, dass nicht auch anderen sata operator hersteller entsprechend schlampig bei der treiber programmierung gearbeitet haben.


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How to breed and raise mealworms successfully How to breed and raise mealworms successfully My footage are mine, prepared by me, with my cam.You may utilize them for personal reasons(Desktop backdrops, personal websites or you can print them for private use. ) If you decide to use them on websites i require a link back to my hubpages.You might actually link to my profile or to one of my hubs. Mealworms are bugs.If they manage to flee, you can still get them into your grains.They're going spoil your stored food so make sure your beetles and larvae cannot escape their breeding areas.They don't really fly so as long as they won't climb the walls, you should fine! It will require a good while before Pandora Beads 2014 you see the young mealworms.They are super tiny and are easily examined.No problem, as long as their container is warm and they have discovered food, planning lay their eggs and make lots of babies! I use plastic vases for my small operation.Your corporation just feeding a few small animals, that is all that's necessary.My e book will go into detail on how to raise pandora Jewelry: mealworms on a larger scale for livestock and to make money. The sterilite brand storage units from walmart work well. Poke a few holes in the lid for setting up. Add about one or two inches of grain Pandora Bracelets Sale to the plastic box and then plop your mealworms in. Put an item of plastic(A piece of plastic shopping bag works well)In the pot.Place your moist food as well plastic.Your mealworms will congregate underThe plastic and make it easy to harvest them.The plastic-Type material also keeps the grains from molding. Humidity keeps the mealworms happy and mine seem to molt much better when your humidity is higher.If things begin playing around by mold, your lid great deals on pandora charms and allow the container to dry out a bit.


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Lincoln's inspiration ­­What was it about Gettysburg that prompted Lincoln's words?The most commonly accepted answer is that the north had won the battle of gettysburg in july 1863.Up until that time, there hadn't been many union victories, and certainly none that had taken place in the north(Most of the civil war was fought in the south).Lincoln would have wanted to use this victory to gather support for the war, which had become increasingly unpopular in the north as it dragged on.­ It's true that lincoln had received his invitation to speak only a few weeks before the cemetery dedication, but he had had four months to gather his thoughts after the battle.The process of identifying tiffany sale: and burying the bodies took a long time, and since more than 50, 000 soldiers were killed, injured or missing, there was a lot to consider before the cemetery could even be constructed. As we mentioned, lincoln's speech wasn't the feature presentation that day.That honor went to edward everett, who was considered a superstar orator.And while today we might assume that everett's speech hasn't endured because it was so long, attention spans were a little better during lincoln's time.People expected and wanted to hear lengthy speeches.Movies, television and radio hadn't been invented, so unless people were able to get to the theater for a stage production, a traveling orator might be the only professional entertainment they had access to.Everett's account of the battle was the modern equivalent of a"Dateline nbc"Or"48 Hours"Special.Orators like everett could draw a huge crowd on name alone, so the pressure was mostly on him to deliver a gripping and educational performance. Lincoln's speech, on the other hand, was almost an afterthought.He was the president, so it was still important, but he just wasn't the reason for the crowd. Lincoln arrived at gettysburg the day before the speech, which gives some indication that he knew his speech was still important.Considering a president's busy schedule, to make time for an extra travel day even in the 1860s was a little unusual.A crowd of 15, 000 ended up seeing the speech, so lincoln was correct in assuming that had he waited until the day of the dedication to arrive, he may have missed the ceremony.The crowd that gathered in the small town of gettysburg overwhelmed all of the roads and inns.Other politicians who waited to arrive missed most of the ceremony. ­While there are plenty of legends about how Lincoln came up with the speech, most modern scholars say that he had researched his subject and the battlefield--And had written at least thoughts, if not a first draft, for his speech--Before he left washington. Today, at least five versions of the gettysburg address exist--Microphones and recording devices weren't around at the time, so word-For-Word transcription was nearly impossible.There are a few newspaper accounts of the speech and lincoln had a few copies, one that may have been his reading copy and some that he distributed to everett and historians.Most of the discrepancies in the text are minor revisions lincoln made after he had delivered the speech.The library of congress has preserved two copies, one of which is considered the earliest draft and the other a copy lincoln gave to his private secretary, john hay. Did lincoln write the speech on the homepage here an envelope? This one has been bouncing around for years, but it's not true.There is no evidence that lincoln wrote the gettysburg address on Buy Tiffany Keys an envelope during the train ride to gettysburg nor that he spoke without any notes at all.We still have the drafts of ideas that he wrote in washington in the weeks leading up to the event.

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