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Mother of the Bride Dresses wear them more often

Board of contributors Oh no, not the gap!Unfortunately the gap must be added to the growing list of retailers that investigators claim are selling clothing made by teenage girls in oppressive conditions.In the last month, newspapers have carried articles of horrifying prisonlike conditions where young people produce the beautiful dresses, shirts and new fall fashions that are so temptingly displayed.Shipping labels for mervyn's and montgomery ward were found on boxes of garments at the factory.American brand name clothes were sewn at this factory by people whose children were often held hostage to ensure that parents would continue to sew, according to federal officials. Outside the united states, workers in places such as latin america, producing american brand clothes, say they work up to 22 hours a day with only two bathroom breaks, sleeping on the factory floor because there is no time to go home between shifts.Workers claim they Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses are sexually harassed and required to work overtime, earning, in el salvador, for example, 36 to 56 cents an hour, barely enough to feed themselves and their families. Most of the buying in this country is being done by women.Most of the sewing in the world is done by women.By indulging our fashion desires at the expense of other women, we are in effect oppressing our sisters.A woman's issue it is. I ask myself:Is this problem so huge that i simply must feel bad about it, and put it out of my mind, focusing on issues that appear more"In the hand"Rather than"In the bush"?As the seasons change, the newspapers, magazines and stores are filled with tempting images, stirring the memories, and shopping instincts, of my high school days.The new pair of shoes, some new sweaters, sewing a few skirts.Short of wearing only what i have until i inspire a mature grunge movement, i have asked is there anything i can do to feel good about the way i look while at the same time make some challenge to the garment industry?This is an industry that makes $19.88 on each $20 Tshirt, while the worker gets 12 cents, according to a recent Jim Hightower article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. At the same time, for many people in the united states choices about what to buy are very limited or nonexistent, given their own limited resources.Those of us with choices, it would seem, have a greater responsibility for considering them carefully. Some practical steps that make sense to me are: When buying clothes or shoes, ask the manager if the store has a code of conduct for the workers who make their clothes.I tried it at the limited and the manager said she had not heard of it, but would ask.Maybe if ten other people asked the same question, someone might pay attention.Codes of conduct are being adopted by some stores, including the gap.They are not foolproof, because investigation and A line Wedding Dresses enforcement is a challenge, no doubt the reason that the gap is experiencing problems.In a capitalist society, however, information and buyer's choices are pivotal, so demanding a code of conduct is a start. Buy fewer clothes, of a higher quality, and Mother of the Bride Dresses wear them more often.By making more considered choices, we are more able to check out the stores where we buy and the manufacturers that we are supporting.Information is becoming available on the retailers and manufacturers who are more or less careful about the working conditions of their producers.The national labor committee is doing impressive work on gathering and providing information on the garment industry.The ever diligent interfaith center for corporate responsibility is focusing increasingly on the garment industry and its global implications, continuing its work with shareholder organizing. Buy"Previously owned"Clothing, which often puts our purchase price into a worthwhile nonprofit organization.Meanwhile, we Bridesmaid Dresses make a statement about considered and responsible choice. Sew our own clothing or hire a local person to sew something for us.There are many talented people in the area who can sew beautiful things.The cost may be higher but there is no doubt that the person doing the sewing is being paid reasonably.Fewer clothes, better construction and a fair wage. Help to socialize our children, and expand our own awareness of the importance of being appreciated more by how we respect others and enhance the world, rather than what outfit we wear. We live in an information age.What information we get and what we do with it is our responsibility.Our economic system functions most efficiently, and humanely, through access to complete information.However, consumers must seek and use that information to reward businesses that are morally responsible.By taking some little initiative, such as asking for a code of conduct in the next clothing store we enter, we can participate in lifting the cloak of oppression.Dyanne ladine, an east palo alto resident, is a member of lettuce work, a women's organic produce cooperative;An attorney;And an assistant professor of business administration at the college of notre dame.She is a member of the weekly's board of contributors.

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